See you later

The Californian’s are gone, but it is a see you later not a goodbye. It is amazing just how close you can get to other brothers and sisters in Christ in just a week. As we prayed for the team tonight to send them back home, and as they drove away I was holding back tears, and as I type this, I feel the lump grow in my throat. I really learned a lot this week from the team. They were all from Thousand Oaks Foursquare church in Thousand Oaks, California. God used Bob, the pastor, he really taught me a lot about serving, fully prepared, and that “winging it” just will not cut it, preparation will always honor God, and “winging it” will only work for a while. I need to live responsibly for the Kingdom. To the best of my ability, I am practicing humility.

The other three, Fabio, Lyndee, and Gene were extraordinary leaders and servants. Each one of them taught me about a different are in my life that needs more of Christ. Fabio taught me about careful thought and loving through listening. Lyndee taught me about the heart of living love out, doing what needed to be done and trying her best at everything she did. Gene taught me about praying in a heart of expectancy, yet not for what I wanted but for what is needed and of having fun. The entire team could not have been better except if chosen by God himself. I really saw the love of the Lord in them and I know God used them to love on us and the Polish people here in Zakopane.