Kingdom Ways

Over the years, I have heard people, Christians and non-Christians, who have made up all kinds of excuses for going to parties, getting drunk, having pre-marital sex, and doing all kinds of questionable behavior. The most popular response usually is something to the affect of “why do I need your approval”; my response is that they do not need my approval at all. In the past I have not “lovingly corrected” others as instructed, I have done quite the opposite, and I know many of my fellow Christians do and have done. I know the importance of lovingly correcting people now, and I hope that people will see the logic in following the ways of Christ rather than making their own way. Sometimes it is hard to just live a life and hope that people will see the benefits of the way I live rather than the way they are living. I warn people out of love, not out of some horrible need to shame others. As a Christian, I believe my responsibility is to warn people of their un-Christ-like behavior, but in a loving way showing them the peace that comes with following Jesus’ ways. Sadly, I know many people will never choose to know God, and I am saddened by their decision, but at least I can try. I for one cannot imagine being separated from God. Separation from God is a nightmare I do not have to worry about, thanks to His grace and sending Jesus to build the bridge.

We should be decent and true in everything we do, so that everyone can approve of our behavior. Don’t participate in wild parties and getting drunk, or in adultery and immoral living, or in fighting and jealousy. But let the Lord Jesus Christ take control of you, and don’t think of ways to indulge your evil desires. [Romans 13:13-14]

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