Yesterday I was thinking about all the things that I am thankful and grateful for. I have never broken a bone, nor have I had a bloody nose. I have never had any trouble getting bills and other important things paid. So far, I do not owe any money for schooling. I have many amazing friends. The opportunity to be here in Poland has taught me a number of life long lessons. Some of these life long lessons were painful and sometimes discouraging, but at the same time, I am thankful for them because it will mean good things are to come. I have an amazing girlfriend who challenges me to be a better person and seek growing together in Christ. I can not forget how thankful I am for my laptop and the internet, with out either one I would be very isolated from friends and family back home. My friends in Seattle are still supportive, although I know some of them do not make a lot of money, they continue to support me. I am most thankful for God’s grace though, I have made so many mistakes, done so many things that should have been trouble, yet God’s grace has saved me from doing all kinds of stupid things and he has made good from what should have been bad.

This is a relationship with God. The picture I get when I imagine my life with out God is a black void; a life without a meaning or a purpose. Give thanks.