I have a dream

I like to dream about all kinds of things, I would like to think it’s all spiritual, but frankly it isn’t, I don’t know if it is “wrong” for a Christian to dream like this, I’m leaning towards the “it’s not setting your sights on heaven” edge… I’ll look into it later, for now I’m going to dream… Yes, I am satisfying a fleshly desire, but is it all that fleshly?

I wouldn’t mind living in a house like this one. My dream housePainted and designed in strong colors, each room would have its own theme and the furniture would match. We would have art featuring all the places we’ve been and the people we know. It would be a place where many people could come together and discuss things, play games, and have parties. It would be inviting, comfortable, and safe.

I would like to have a job where I interact with people in a new way every day. Where I could work in a team and help build projects and improvise on ideas. I want to work in an environment that promotes creativity and designing. I want to be a leader and a follower.

Whatever neighborhood I am in, I want to help create a sense of community in it. I want my neighbors to know they are always welcomed and we will host neighborhood block parties. I want my neighborhood to truly come together and know that they are like family.

I want to connect people with other people around the world. I want to build a program that connects people in my city with people in other parts of the world to depend on God. Some kind of internship program that exchanges people to serve cross culturally, in this way they learn to see God in a different way and take it back to their home countries where they can be more effective than any foreign-missionary.

I want all kinds of things, but I believe they are all interconnected, somehow, some way. I can dream right?