Job Searching

I spent my spare time this weekend job searching. I’m mostly just poking around at different job search sites checking out what’s available in Seattle. A part of me wants to work for a Christian organization and another part, the stronger part, is saying to work in the secular world. Plus, for the skills and experience I have, there isn’t much out there in the Christian world. Therefore, it looks like I’m going to be a missionary in my own backyard, at least for a while, until God calls me elsewhere.

I’ve looked at a couple of places, one being Resolute an IT solutions provider, and the other Microsoft, I think you know who they are. I’ve submitted my résumé to Intercristo, a Christian job search agency. I have a great peace though that I will have a job that is challenging and will move me into the next season of my life.

PS. I’ve added a couple of new links under “departures” some interesting articles and things that I’ve found over my months here. Also, Carol (one of the missionaries I work with here) has just started her own blog over at “Time for Coffee” stop by, have a cup and chat. Over the next few weeks she’ll be moving into this blogosphere give her a big welcome.