Another weekend spent on job-searching stuff. It is a bit strange getting into this. Before coming to Poland, I had had only one employer my entire working career, and I had that employer for six years. Who at the age of 22 has had any employer for six years? So, this is all new to me, but I’m going into it full swing. Although I can’t actually have a face-to-face interview until the 16th of August I’ll be applying for jobs until I get one set up, I figure if they want someone bad enough they just might wait. And, if I keep on trying it doesn’t hurt, even for the same company. I’ve posted my résumé on monster.com and careerbuilder.com and I have had a few hits on each. As of tonight, I also have my résumé online for the general public to see, so if you know someone in the Seattle area who is recruiting an experienced support engineer just direct them to my résumé. Thanks! Be blessed!