Nothing I imagined

I’m not quite sure how I feel, but I’ll use the best words I can think of. Life is just incredible, we may think fairytale lives are not real. I challenge you to think about it. If you’re Christian how could your life not be a fairytale? I mean you have a knight in shining armor and you have a dragon to slay! It’s incredible. We have so many little decisions in life and each and everyone of them adds to the story. It is so unreal, so never anything I ever imagined.

For the Christian, life is an incredible adventure, one that never ends. We should live fully alive because Christ is fully alive. While the dragon seems to never be slain, while we walk in the desert place, and while we do what we don’t want to, our knight in shining armor knows that in the end the dragon is slain and we are rescued forever. Yesterday is gone, all our mistakes are gone, this life is gone – grab onto what is eternally good, your character. This life I could have never imagined, yet it is mine, and that I rejoice in.

All Glory, Power, and Praise unto you my God.