My prayer for Poland

Because I love your people, because my heart yearns for your lives, I will not be silent. I will not stop praying for you until your people shine of the Lord’s righteousness. I pray for the Lord’s light to shine from you as a lighthouse to the nations.

I pray for your people to delight in the Lord Jesus, for your people to revere Him, and for His glory to be known across your majestic scenery. The Lord created you, your people, and the enemy has taken away your dignity. Cry out to God and return to Him and you will experience a life of joy and peace.

Therefore, no one will ever be able to destroy your people and your heritage again. If you live your lives pure and holy for the King of Kings you will enjoy and know what life there is to live.

Never again will foreign soldiers take your people, your land, and control them for their own games. If you raise the Lord as your ruler He will bless you and never forsake you. Your work will be enjoyed by your people and your labor will be wanted by foreign lands.

Oh Poland, your reputation will bring you much joy and abundance when you turn to the God of God’s and seek Him as your provider. Let the beauty of your lands be reflected in your people.

Inspired by Isaiah 62