Back from The Netherlands!

Hey Ya’ll,

I’m back in Poland with almost a year behind me I have many things to say and a lot to process. However, I’m not in a write-about-it-all kind of mood so I’m just going to give you some highlights from the past week and some things for the future.

1. The week was absolutely amazing, for the Polish group we had some difficulties but in the end the group came together. There are specifically four young woman you could pray for because it seems they have a lot of hurt inside and the love of God scared them.

2. The rest of the group that went came back spiritually renewed and ready to learn and walk with Christ. One of which has been a prayer since about day one of my time in Poland. This person is now a completely different person and I can see the peace of God is beginning to take hold. I love this person so much and I am very encouraged.

3. You may remember Dan Russell who came and visited us in Poland back when Alexis was with me too. He spoke at the camp and I had a good couple of hours to speak to him and the director of his church’s internship program. On September 15th Alexis and I are moving to Portland Oregon to go to school, learn, minister, and be trained for God’s work. We believe this will lead us to a more permanent time in Poland in the future. The internship program is full time school and ministry, all meals are included, all housing is included, and most of all it’s what God put on our hearts months ago. We are so excited. I’ll of course miss Seattle, but at least for the next two years it will be much closer.

4. I am completly broke. I have $25 in my checking account, and over $400 to pay back on my credit card. I have over $150 in bills to pay back in Seattle (Car insurance, travel expenses, etc). I don’t need a job now though! Amen. But it would be nice to be able to live for the month that I’ll be in Seattle and to pay off all this credit expense before I leave for Portland. I also want to leave a blessing to some of the families here, so basically I am begging for money. PLEASE donate. Click donate below or use the PayPal link to the right.

5. Amen. Oh yeah, pictures will be up soon (I lost the cable to the my Digital camera).