I realize that I have not really given a good update on my life. So here goes…

Just two weeks ago, I returned from a one-year mission experience in Zakopane Poland and I raised money for one year before hand (and worked and went to school during that year). While I was in Poland, I received monthly support for field ministry. In March, a pastor from Easthill church in Gresham Oregon visited us in Poland. He told me about a program his church has started called “The International Training Program”, this program involves two years of schooling and ministry interning. I thought about this program for a while but figured that it would be a bit hard to come home and leave for the Portland area in a matter of four weeks. I ended up seeing this Pastor again at a European youth camp in The Netherlands. This time we talked and I took a step of faith to go, so I am going.

I returned on the 8th of August to Seattle, and I leave for Gresham sometime before the 15th of September. I have one more month of support money coming to help with the transition period and I have taken a couple of side tech jobs. Alexis is also going (on her own prayerful will), this is her last week of working at Kindercare (which she is very excited about). When I get to Gresham I will be seeking a “regular” job in the tech field (I was a network administrator for six years before I left for Poland), however the program limits us to only 12 hours of work a week since it s an intense program of ministry and schooling. I am excited and feel God completely blessing me all the way through. Just yesterday, some friends of mine gave me $600, which was just enough to pay for all the little things that needed to be taken care of. I am also using some of my savings, which I saved up when I was working fulltime prior to Poland, so that the money that people donate is used only for necessities.