Be real?

I think many people do not know how to be real, and for me it is a bigger problem when we are Christian. We have to look into our own lives and recognize the things that we know do not honor and Glorify God. We have to be authentic with our feelings towards others and ourselves. We cannot be super nice to a person at church and then treat them or talk about them as if they did not exist on other days. If we are to truly be Christ like it means being consistently real. If you read through all the gospels you’ll realize that Jesus was the same in all circumstances. Jesus did not treat anyone differently just because they were at church, or just because they were Pharisees. Neither did he act any different around those people, his behavior was the same at all times. He is not afraid to do what is right. We should not be afraid either.

I know that I have some areas to work at in my life. There are times where I act different to impress someone, although it is fairly rare because I hate acting different than who I really am. But sometimes it just seems that for my own good I need to be a certain way, when in reality it isn’t for my own good. When I do that I am letting that person control me and oppress who I really am, and I don’t believe that God honors that. I have to be the person God made me and not let others mold me, except for God himself.