Hardly able

I’m hardly able to do anything these days, except when I listen to the only stable truth in my life, God himself. There is so much going on that makes me think I am inadequate, “just an intern”, “just a computer guy”, “just this or that”… But, it’s all a lie. Christ wants us to be more than “just this or that” he says that we are saints, to be equipped, and he has commissioned us to do the work of spreading his word. It is our responsibility to let the world know about him, through serving, loving, telling, there is nothing else more important. Because he loves us so much, he has invited us to do the most important job. Of course, he can reveal himself, as he does around the world, but he uses us to make disciples of the nations. How humbling, how honoring, how mind-blowing that the creator of the universe uses us, and remember he made us only slightly lower than the angels. We give him love, and since we were created in his image, and we need love, therefore he must need love too. I’m hardly able to grasp it all, so I’ll take it just one day at a time.