Where there’s a will there’s a way

I hate talking about money, but it seems to be the one thing that just keeps coming up. Thankfully Alexis and I have found a creative financial solution to pay for our plane tickets to Poland this summer. Essentially, I am barrowing from my retirement account with the faith that we will fundraise all of our money and be able to pay myself back within sixty days, or else face a tax penalty. Already God is showing us His faithful ness because Alexis and are going to be staying an extra week and a half in Europe, and our airfare is costing us $130 less per person than the rest of the group. It’s an amazing sign from God and we are very thankful. Of the $2500 we need for the trip, Alexis and I both have $440. We know we are called and God always provides just what we need.

Lord, thank you for your provision, even in my failure to be faithful in my giving. Thanks for the roof over my head, the bed to sleep on, my friends, and for the food we have everyday. I know you are the Lord of everything and I know that you have called me, so let me be your hands, your feet, and may your will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.