Christmas wish list

I can’t remember the last time I actually made a Christmas wish list, but I decided that this year it might be worth it, especially since I don’t see anyway I could get these things on my own right now. So, here it is 🙂

Travis’ Christmas List 2005

1. Archos Gmini™ XS 202 MP3 Player ($230 @ Comp USA)
2. Digital Camera – Samsung Digimax 3.2MP Digital Camera – Techno Silver U-CA 3 TS ($230 @ Best Buy)
3. Another Hot Air Balloon ticket to take Alexis too
4. Money for tuition and books
5. Money for Mission trips
6. Money in general (for bills)
7. $300 to pay deductible for rear ending damage on car
8. $175 to fix broken hinges on laptop – update* now both are broken, bad.
9. Gift card to Banana Republic
10. Gift card to The Gap
11. Gift card to American Eagle
12. Gift card to Target