Something of heaven

Listening to: Weak for the Man – Carla Cook

Something of heaven touched Earth tonight, right here in good old Gresham, Oregon. Yes, I mean, we had some kind of encounter with the heavenly bodies. No, not one of those “We saw angels flying from the rafters” no, I mean something much more touching. When I first came to Christ I swear that at times I had no choice but to raise my hands in worship, however over the years I’ve slowly come to a place where I raise my hands, not based on a feeling, but in response to my heart’s desire to touch God. Tonight though, something new happened, instead of raising my hands because I wanted something, it’s as if God came and forced my arms up. This may sounds strange, but it was natural, and it was great. God is so good, and He so loves, his greatness can never be measured until the time His kingdom comes. I worship God because of this, not because I feel better, but because he deserves it.