To our supporters,

Thank you for your amazing support as we embark on our third journey to Poland and our second to U-Turn Europe. The Lord has provided over half of our funds (about $6,000 total, more than originally anticipated) for this summer’s missions trip. At this point we are still in need of $3,000. Through fundraising, our personal savings, and working as much as we can while attending school full time, we know God will bring in the rest. By the time you read this we hope to have purchased our airfare, which is almost half of our costs. The rest will be used for serving the U-Turn Europe camp and for our room and board while we are in Zakopane, Poland (The city where Travis lived and ministered for a year, and Alexis helped for six weeks).

This trip is important because it will lay the foundation for our future ministry in Poland. Not only will we be continuing important relationships with our Polish friends and other European friends, we will begin visioning and strategizing how the future will look for Alexis and I and the rest of the team that will eventually start a Christian servant-leaders training program in Krakow, Poland. We are working with a Dutch church and a young Dutchman who has a similar heart and passion for the city of Krakow and the Polish people, his name is Johan and he is currently living in Zakopane helping the church there while finishing is Masters Thesis on tourism. Together, along with others we are praying for, we will begin the next phase of our ministry in Poland.

Please do not stop praying for us, and giving in whatever areas you are capable of doing. We highly appreciate your prayers, support, and love in reaching a lost nation for the Kingdom of God.

In His service,
Travis & Alexis

PS. Our wedding is July 9th, invitations will be going out soon, however school and planning for this missions trip is where our hearts have been the past few weeks. Our honeymoon will be in Croatia on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, this of course is coming out of our own pockets and from our families, and the flight is on one ticket for simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Please donate online (Link to the right) or send checks made to Mission Dispatch to:

Travis Mielonen/Alexis Koho
C/O Mission Dispatch
654 5th Ave. S. Suite 300
Edmonds, WA 98020

A suggested donation of $50 per person or couple would raise enough funds for both of us to go on the U-Turn Europe mission trip and bless the people in Poland. The wedding date is July 9th, 2006 in Edmonds, WA. For more information please visit our wedding website @

Travis also has on-going tuition needs. If interested he is providing web-page design at $600/website and on-site small-business/home office computer/network/technology support, all of which goes towards OCM tuition and or the missions.