24-7 Prayer in Gresham!

We are having a 24-7 prayer time here in Gresham, as an Intern with the church here we help facilitate the environment and keep prayer going every hour for seven days. Eventually we want to have a “boiler” room where we will have prayer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. However, this is the beginning, and it has been a great success! The Lord is doing some amazing things in people’s lives. It has been awesome to pray with some of the general public that walk in when they see the banner up outside.

As for me, this time has been a good time to focus my prayers, and renew some of the commitments I have made to the Lord these past few years. As our wedding date comes closer I realize that God has been moving in my life in very subtle, yet significant ways. I’ve realized that over the past ten months or so it has been so easy to “access” God’s presence, in a way, I no longer need to run to Him because I know that I am always with Him and he is always with me. Even during the midst of trouble, confusion, and frustration, I am able to allow His spirit to calm me down and for His wisdom and knowledge to guide me instead of my fleshly instincts and logic.

Thank you Lord, for your spirit of wisdom and knowledge, thank you for your love, and for your mercy. Father I pray for more of pure desire, to be pure in my thoughts, my actions, and in my love towards Alexis. Father protect Alexis and all the of the women at the retreat this weekend, bless them with your comfort, and your heart-desires. May they become aware of the authority you have given them, may they be blessed with your truth. May YOU be the center of their being. In Jesus’ name, I pray – Amen.