Yeah, that wonderful little adjective describing ones drive or enthusiasm for the stuff of life. Well, right now I have a lot to do, but I don’t have much motivation to do it, yet it is stuff that is bugging me, things like cleaning my room, doing my laundry, cleaning my desk, making phone calls, etc. All of these things are not all that bad in and of themselves, yet, when I’ve been in 40 hours worth of meetings in the course of five days, my motivation lacks. However, these past five days have been amazing, absolutely great and I wouldn’t have made a different decision, I just wish I had done the laundry before I left for a three day retreat… I out of clothes… not fun.

I really want to get back into regular blogging, I really enjoy it, yet that motivation factor plays in. This motivation thing is not new either… With my brain constantly being injected with information, emotions, and excitement, the words just do not seem to explain it all. However, I am confident that some day it will come back, and once again the fish will be fed.