To my single friends…

Revel in your singleness, I have just three more days of single-hood and there is a small part of me that will definitely miss the freedom of doing whatever I want when I want. However, there is a larger part of me that is very much ready for a life-helper to share life with. You could say that something is dieing so that something much more beautiful may come, or you could say that this process is something like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, neither way of life is better than the other, they are simply different. The process however of going from singleness to marriage is not a simple one, not matter how “similar” you and your partner may be.

Alexis and I have one very strong chord that keeps us in line, it is God, and He has certainly shown us amazing things, about each other, the past, and the future. We know that our future together is God’s will and is an essential part to the ministries He has called us into. We have a firm belief that we do not do commit to anything unless is somehow fits into the ministries God has called us into. What that means is that because He has called us into leadership training and restoration we will not commit to just “any” ministry simply because there is a need, we will earnestly pray and seek God’s wisdom in ministry decisions to see if it lines up with His will and call on our lives. If we can incorporate what He has placed on our hearts then we will consider it, if we cannot we will not consider such opportunities. What we have learned is that weather you are single or married ministry is not something to simply do for the sake of doing it, it is something that we are all called to (Eph 4:12, we are all to be equipped for ministry), however God’s desires are in our heart, and if we are not doing what God desires specifically for us, then why do it?

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