One of my biggest pet peeves is non commitment! It drives me nuts when people change from church to church, place to place, group to group, or just don’t go for some “feeling”. We talk about giving our lives to Christ, 100%, but then we let the whims of our flesh decide our path. Now, of course I’m not talking about being sick, going on vacation, etc. I’m talking about the person who doesn’t know from week to week (or whatever the case may be) what they will commit to for that week. “Oh, yeah, that sounds great, my friends will be there so I’ll go.” You know that’s great for checking something out, or even maybe supporting a friend in making some changes… but our faith is not in people, people will always disappoint, always, at some point. Our faith is in Jesus, the creator of everything, I do believe he will guide us, he created everything we see, he can and does certainly create our paths, when we let Him, to be magnificent.

When the church I was saved in (I don’t like the term saved, but it’s the easiest to use, rather than, the church where I gave my life to Jesus, lol, I said it anyway) went through a pastoral change I was devastated, I wasn’t sure where or what I would do. So, amazingly (wish I did it more these days) prayed to God for a direction, he specifically said wait six months. After that six months, I began going to another church’s young adults group (where I met Alexis a year later), however God asked me to stay in the old church for yet another six months; although I was being fed at the new church. If I hadn’t listed to God, and hadn’t set my last Sunday for September 1st, 2002, I would have never heard Carol and Denise speak about Poland. In addition, if I hadn’t listened to God about staying in Poland after I so desperately wanted to return home I would have never met Dan Russell, which in turn means Alexis and I would have never come to Gresham and experienced the life changing place of East Hill Church, where Alexis and I call home now… I’m not even sure Alexis and I would be married… but that’s for God and not me to know 🙂

You see, I know that because I let God draw those paths, and let Him tell me where to be committed, even though it was hard, the best has come of it. It is so frustrating for me, especially with people around my age, it seems day to day “commitments” are always changing, not to mention things like relationships! That’s a whole different post.