The secret to contentment?

Someone please tell me what the secret to contentment is? I consider myself pretty good at being content, and maybe this is just a venting session, which I think is allowed. I understand where I am, I am actually really happy with where I am, but when I think about where God is taking us, then I have this internal fire that gets frustrated. I think it’s actually motivation, if I didn’t have this drive then nothing would happen. So, I’m not really discontent, I’m just really excited about the future and want to be there. It isn’t because I think the grass is greener on the other side, because I know it isn’t, it’s because it’s an adventure!

Thank you Lord for calling us to such an adventure, for loving us in every detail, for limiting yourself so that you need us. Yes I get frustrated with seeing where I am and where I will be and I know that it is your will that will prevail. Lord grant me the patience, wisdom, and insight to take each moment and see it with your perspective, to see things that lead to my frustration, and to see frustration before it comes. Most of all I ask that in your name my heart be contending for contentment.