Poland creating/embracing her true identity & removing past wounds

I hate it when blogger or my computer (in this case) freak out after I’ve typed at finely worded post. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. So this is take two.

I’ve been following Polish politics for a little bit, and I’m glad to see that Poland’s government is on the road to creating a real identity for their country. Poland has been lorded over, split up, been the battle field for other’s conflicts, had her people stolen, killed, mocked, and then “freed” by a regime that controlled her for nearly 50 years. It’s good to see that in these two articles that her new leaders, while not perfect, and at times overly proud, do see the importance of creating an identity that reflects Poland and not her past occupants (she’ll always have that, but moving forward with a fresh identity that embraces both history, yet removes the things that can are monuments to something which does not exsist anymore).

The first article explains what the government is doing with Nazi and Soviet monuments, the second one talks about Russia’s some-what negative reaction.