In the Swiss mountains.

In spring of 2004 I had the opportunity to go to our denominational meeting for Europe, it just so happened to be in Emmeton (I think I butchered the spelling), Switzerland (near Luzerne). During that time I was privileged to hear from the outgoing European leadership, who were Americans living in Frankfurt, Germany. The Shaws had been living in Germany for 16 years, first as missionaries to plant churches in Germany, than as the head of Foursquare Europe.

While I was listening to how God had moved them into different seasons the Lord moved on my heart with such passion that I really can not explain how I felt, except that it involved tears for the better part of two hours. I also knew one thing for sure, God was calling me back to Poland; and more than just another year, he called me to an undetermined amount of time, the question, at that point, was, how long?

It has been a little over three years since that day, and I don’t regret a minute of it, and the desires, dreams, and visions only get stronger. With each trip back to Poland it becomes more apparent that it is the place for us to be. Hearing God’s voice in such an emotional way can be very confusing, yet he promised it, so we seek, we ask, and we knock. With each and every step of obedience, from school, to ministry, to focusing on our personal priorities and walks with Jesus, we know we are in the grace and will of our God.