Oh crap I’ve hit bottom

I have a very empty tank today, and the most frustrating part is that I know it’s my own doing. I kept moving at full force with out taking a good long time to soak in the Spirit. I’ve let my spirit run dry, and now every ounce of God time is used up faster than I can take it in. I’m in such a strange place that I can physically feel the emptiness, it’s not a darkness, or a depression feeling, it’s like having your stomach empty for over a day. I’m hungry for the good stuff, for fellowship, life, the meat of life. I’m ready to soak it in and keep it there, hopefully overflowing with God’s grace to seriously hurt hell.

I’m getting into my daily devotions on a much more consistent level, I’m even meeting a buddy each morning BEFORE work, that in itself is a miracle. Yet I know something is missing, I’ve been pouring out too much, and now there’s nothing to poor except regurgitated stuff (that by God’s grace still touches lives).

Thankfully this weekend has nothing special, I’ll get to spend good time with Alexis, and use all of Sunday to hopefully become a sponge again.