What is faith?

In my observation of the 20 something group of people here in America there seems to be a slight lack, or at least an apathy towards faith. We speak it, we talk about it, we sometimes do things by faith. But do we live by it? Do we truly say “I know God has this for me so will live towards that promise”? Most of the time I hear “I don’t really know what God wants” or “God promised me this, but first I ned to… (fill in the blank, job, house, family, etc)”, I am just as guilty as the next.

I want to live by faith, I want to make it a point that everything I do is about what God has promised me. In my case, God has called my family to Poland, to disciple, train up, and equip. So, what are we doing while we wait for the departure day? We’re leading a small group, encouarging, discipling, training and equipping. We’re co-leading our young adult’s group doing the same. Therefore everything we do and say is exactly what we’ll be doing in Poland.

How do we know when we’ll be leaving? When the people we have submitted ourselves to, the ones that help equip and disciple us, release us and commission us and ordain us. There’s a process, don’t quote me on this, but I believe it took Paul 7 years before he went on his first trip. While Alexis and I have been to Poland for a combined total of nearly 16 months of “in country time” we know that for us to move there we have things here in our “Jurusalem” to take care of and God will provide. We know it, and we strive to live it.