Well I am going to finally decalre an official miracle has happened in my life. The super-natural event doesn’t come with much fanfare, except that in my own life it’s been amazing.

I’ve been reading, learning, and journaling from my Bible every weekday morning for over a month now! This is the longest and most consistent I’ve ever been.

A little over a month ago a buddy of mine who just recently went through a divorce asked me to join him for his morning coffee time at a Starbucks near by… at first my flesh freaked out 6:30 in the morning! No way.

But then I was convincted, because here I am saying no to two things. 1. My need and desire to be in the Word of God more often. and 2. A time to fellowship, encourage, and be encouraged by a fellow brother on a regular basis.

So I said yes.

Thankfully it was the day that the clocks changed, so it felt to my body like it was 7:30 instead of 6:30… 😛 Good time to start… but that whole spring forward thing will suck 😛