Another year

Well it’s New Year’s eve here, it’s a little after 5:00pm Pacific Stand Time right now. 2007 was full of all kinds of events and news that changes the course of many people’s lives. Alexis and I concieved Emma who will be born in just over three months, we’ve been to France, Poland, and Germany, yet again with another trip to Poland not to far away, we got an additional car… I say all of this because they are all things which took faith in our finances…

None of these events were overly planned, we didn’t put away for any of these specifically, nor did we consult our investors, we made a conscience desicision to give some things to God that we knew were either practical needs or ministry desires, and in Emma’s case, a heart desire. On paper and ledgers, we didn’t have the resources to make any of it happen.

We have and will always put our faith in God to provide for us, he always has, and always will. Sure it gets scary, sure we’ve used our “own” resources at times when we thought others would donate, but in the end it’s always Him who gets the glory. It’s all about Him.

While I would love the comfort of knowing that our financial resources were something that we didn’t have to monitor, I know at the same time we would be so distracted by our own desires that leaving for our calling would be much more hard, if even possible to fufill.

Happy New Year, may you build your faith in Him and expierence the joy of serving in His kingdom this year – even when your resources are low, or negative (such as ours have been many times).