Dangerous Territory

I know I’m in dangerous territory when I’m feeling discontent. Sometimes discontent is a sign of moving forward, desiring more from life or a person. But I know that in my current scenario, it is not that… I know my direction, I know where I’m headed, I’m just being impatient.

I’m tired of the IT world, I know there are many opportunities to see people and “be a light” in many different places, but my heart is for discipleship. I know that at any point in time the Holy Spirit could guide me to bring people to Him and he could use me for evangelism and I also know that my gift, my “sweet spot” you could say, is for seeing people grow to new understandings and depths in who they are with and in Christ.

I hate offending people, and I hate the awkward pause or looks when people realize that I’m a “church goer”… but I just gotta be me. Most of all I know that Jesus offended people, I’m okay with offending people with His truth… but I refuse to offend people in the name of a “church” or “organization” that calls itself a house of Jesus followers when really all they are doing is shaming people rather than setting them free with God’s grace and truth.

So I’m discontent because computers are 1. Not very responsive to God’s truth 2. Certainly don’t understand grace and 3. Are not very open to discipleship.