Windows Vista

I am a daily user of Windows Vista, both at home and at work. Yes it’s true, and I’m not ashamed. I have had very few problems, except for our home Media Center (due to me being a bit over zealous with some things and breaking the program guide and Media Center’s ability to download information for some reason, requiring a re-install, but I’m better off anyway because I did a clean install this time).

You see, I love using the newest stuff, even in beta. I’m a power user, and I just like new stuff. I’m also a purist, I use essentially just Microsoft Software (office 2007, IE7, etc) and google for all online stuff, of course theres a random program made by random, inc. I essentially remove anything I don’t use. I don’t download random things I don’t need simply because they may be “cool”. I have free virus protection that runs a scan each night, and that’s it, I hate virus scans that are “on” all the time. Most of all I practice safe internet browsing.

Guess what? Everything works, all my hardware and software. Granted it’s all new, but both of these computers had XP originally, and they both run perfectly well. Just a little blurb on Vista, because I think it deserves a good look by the “MS haters”.

I love it, of course I see past the visual elements, but at the same time, things under the hood make it quite cool. For example when I did a fresh install on my Media Center computer, at first my dual HD tuner didn’t quite work right (it detected only one tuner), after about five minutes a little pop-up said “Windows has found a solution to a problem” I clicked on it, and amazingly it realized that there was a new driver, it installed, and all is well. Anyway, I know this won’t convert anyone, but I just wanted to be on a soap box for a moment because I like it.