Ode to Alexis

My wife is a seriously amazing woman of God. I don’t mean that she is saintly, or a push over, or just a “nice church wife”. I mean she seriously listens, obeys, talks, and has a relationship with God. It’s her relationship, not mine, it’s her walk and her talk with Him, it’s personal for her, and she obeys when He asks her to. She listens for His voice on all matters, and is not afraid to bring up something that might be controversial.

Her passion for our work in Poland and here at home is nothing but excellent, and her love for people, even though it gets hard, never wavers. She may complain, but she doesn’t give up, even when she feels like it. Her ability to be a lover, mentor, home-maker, wife, mom, and friend all at once is a feat that goes un-sung.

I thank God almighty for her, and I seek his face in joy for bringing us together, keeping us together, and allowing me to serve together with Him and her. Because of her willingness to learn, be stretched, and to love in spite of her feelings on things, we have become only stronger, and she has become a bright star in the sea of God’s children.