The waves of life…

So, things have been insane around here lately.  We canceled our Polish dinner/dessert fund raiser, due to a low number of people able to make it and the costs not being worth the potential income…  So instead we are doing a $15 challenge, and will be making a lot of announcements about that until either all the money comes in, or September 15 gets here.

We are in constant prayer over this trip, it seems with all of the life stuff coming along it has been difficult to focus on the fund raising.  It’s almost a full time job in itself.  A lot of the time I just want to give up, it’s stressful and not easy to communicate a need without sounding like we’re begging or whining.  Between working full time and day to day ministry things, the one thing that is our biggest passion is getting the least amount of attention.

In other news, Emma is being dedicated on Saturday, very exciting, I’m also on worship team this weekend, so that’s a double cool thing.  However, the week ahead has a lot, thankfully Friday is free now 🙂  TTFN.