What’s in a church?

Firstly, Alexis and I are not looking for a new church.  Yet, we do have friends and peers who are not exactly “happy” with our church.  So what is it that people look for in a church?  In our observation we see that people want their passions to be used, but can a church be all things to all people?  Some would say no, and others say churches should be.  What’s realistic?  To be a jack of all trades, and a master of none?  Or shall the Church (the universal group of Jesus-followers) focus on its strengths, and manifest those strengths in the local parts of the greater Church?  Some churches focus on outreach, others focus on discipling and equipping, other churches on music, some on prayer?

I think there are some universal things that each church must have, one is a focus on the full-gospel (the heaven AND hell part with the grace AND truth parts), the next is on our relationship with God (in the form of prayer, meditation, and reverence for Him), and our relationship with people (serving each other and loving through ALL things).  When each of these things are included, a local church becomes well rounded.  Any of these pieces lack, then some isn’t quite right.  This isn’t to say that some churches will have stronger outreach, while others have stronger emphasis on discipleship.

In the end, as believers, we all have the responsibility to be a part of what the Church is doing.  We shall be known for our love, right?  Love is action, and sometimes that’s recognizing that you’re not fully in sync with your surroundings, and that can be your church.  So speak up, cast vision, be a part of the solution, don’t leave it to the “powers that be” (who truly do not have power, except when people follow the desires God puts in their hearts).