Running away… not a choice.

I know we’ve all had those times in ministry, leadership, family, with friends, etc, that we just want to run away from.  You know, the relational crap that makes you sick to your stomach?  While I don’t have any relationships that are in dire straights, I do have some crucial conversations on my horizon.  

What is messing with me the most is that I’m sure I communicated some things one way, very specifically to prevent the mess that has happened, but what the people in question heard was exactly the opposite of what I wanted to communicate.  I even clarified the conversations… So this seems like a case of remembering what you want to hear… or something.

So I sit here, unable to sleep, because relationships are the most important things in life, and while no one hates me, I can see where relationship growth has been hindered.  It grieves me, and all I want to do is drive far, far, away, not because it would help anything, but maybe my mind would be put at ease…  maybe.