Christmas wish list 2008

Okay, this entry is to satisfy the whims of my family… apparently I am not as good at communicating what I would like for Christmas and my Birthday as they would like.  So I’m solving this little snag (for now anyway) by posting my desires here for everyone, and anyone to find at any given time (I’ll keep it updated, click the title of this entry, and then save it to your favorites).  Also you’ll always find a link to my Amazon wish list on the right, just scroll down a bit.

  • Any kind of cash/money is always welcomed (having debt off our hands is a huge gift and stress reliever)
  • Check out my Amazon wish list
  • Any kind of gift card/certificate to GAP, Buffalo Exchange, Fred Meyer, or other clothing store that has things in my size (that would be Small for shirts, and 31×30 for jeans/pants)
  • More to come.