How we are loved

I'm speaking on the second part of a three week series at The Forge – our young adults group. The series is about identifying ourselves as children of God and what that really means. In studying I found three pieces of what a child of God can depend on – you are saved, you are loved, and you are annointed.

Last week was about what being "saved" is all about, not just the initial event but the continual gifts of grace that we encounter every day.

This coming week we'll be focusing on love, and what it means to be loved by the creator, the one who was, is, and is to come. The unconditional love that we can depend on, and why.

The last part is on the annointing, how God equips us for doing things that are supernatural. How he desires us to walk in confident faith, and how our free will ties into all of it.

Personally this all comes out of what God is showing me more and more. That as long as I obey him, put my faith in him, he does amazing, unthinkable things through me and I know the same can be true for anyone – that is my heart – to share this truth with every believer.

Any conflict, problem, recession, relational issue can be miraculously changed to reflect his glory. It may hurt a bit, it may look very bad from the beginning, and yet enduring to the end always brings blessing and peace.