Totally weird dream

So I'm running late today, been more tired than normal, but we've been going to bed at decent times….

But I woke up after a very odd dream. I dreampt that I was (I think) driving from our house to a MAX station (light rail in Portland) that I don't normally use, even though it's closer – it doesn't have any parking. So in the dream I was going down the hill to this station, and I had someone with me who I don't know and didn't see their face. But this person said "oh, don't worry about catching that one" referring to the train we could see just in the distance. They proceeded to say "there is a type 4 right behind it, and in service not just testing!"… So this is the weird thing, "Type 4" is the new kind of MAX trains here in Portland, and so far they have only been testing them.

So we pulled up to the Ruby Junction station, and magically I was on the train – the person with me was gone, and I guess took my car too. I tried to find a seat but all the seats were taken, and no one was talking nor was there anyone else standing, and I felt that there was some unspoken rule that I couldn't stand either. I went to the front of the "train" and found a seat just behind the driver – which was like a bus configuration not a train.

I sat down only to realize the seat had very little space and I my knees were crammed up against the cusioned wall that separated the driver's area and the front-right seat. The "train" started to move and at first was on tracks – it stopped at the next stop, which was not E 181st, as normally the blue line is, it was some place else. Two ladies got on – but they boarded upfront just like on a bus. They stood in the stairway and started taling to the driver in broken english, then the driver started talking to them in Polish!

I was then able to reach under my seat and adjust it, and slide it back so I fit right, somehow this didn't bother the people behind me. As I listened to the driver and ladies I was able to follow the conversation just enough to realize they were looking for a dog. The dog was somewhere SE of whereever we were.

Then I looked out the front of the window and thought to myself "I don't think were're in Portland anymore". Because when I looked out I saw that we were on what looked like a rural Polish highway. And the driver was driving like it. We went around a bend to the right — and I woke up.

Any dream interpreters?