A Journey from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C. on Public Transit

This caught my eye while browsing my blog/news subscriptions today and so I thought I’d share it:

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I’m a bit of a transit geek, and caught this – $12 to get to Vancouver, Canada (from Seattle) and a LOT of time!

New Flyer trolleybuses in Vancouver rush hour trafficNew Flyer trolleybuses in Vancouver rush hour traffic

It’s the perfect occasion for a transit adventure to Vancouver, B.C. The brand new Canada Line opens today at 1 pm for free rides until 9 pm. If you’re feeling adventurous and have the time, it is possible to travel from Seattle to Vancouver on public transit by making a series of transfers and some walking or cycling across the border. The journey costs $12 and takes at least 7.5 hours. Back in March, wanting to do a transit field trip up north, I decided to try the schedule on Evan Siroky’s Regional Transit Transfers page. The following (after the jump) is an account of my experience with lots of pictures!.

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