Urgent Prayer Needed: Foursquare Leaders Face Court Conviction for Converting Muslims

This caught my eye while browsing my blog/news subscriptions today and so I thought I’d share it:

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Prayers needed – Caught this on the Foursquare Missions Blog…

Please pray for our National Leader and his 23 year old son who were arrested and convicted in a Middle East country for converting and baptizing Muslims. Police searched their home and seized a computer and documents that were used as evidence in court. Our National Leader has already been to court and was sentenced to pay a $2,777 fine and ordered to leave the country. He has fled to England with his wife and younger sons, but his 21 year old daughter is still waiting for her passport visa to join them. Tomorrow, September 15 they have a hearing to request asylum for religious persecution. His son is still awaiting sentencing. While being held in jail his son was beaten by the other inmates and a guard after they heard he was converting Muslims. He has now been released home but could be called to face sentencing at any time. The maximum penalty for converting Muslims could be up to 20 years in prison.

Please pray for the following…
Our National Leader and his family would be granted asylum during their hearing tomorrow.
Our National Leader’s son would be released by the court without prison time.
Our National Leader’s daughter would obtain her visa to join her family in England.
For the continuing protection of their family and all our Foursquare leaders and members in this country.
That in the midst of persecution the Holy Spirit will encourage the church and pour out revival throughout the country.

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