Tweets for the past week

  • Having some quality time with Emma and Alexis at the Caldera House 60th & Stark. #
  • Emma and Alexis relaxing after great food at the Caldera House. Good stuff. #
  • Mexico train with Alexis @pastor_jas and family #
  • Wow, I just took my jacket off because I actually can feel heat from that bright disc in the sky! #
  • @patrickweed If you're ever passing through downtown PDX during the week, let me know, would love to have lunch or coffee! in reply to patrickweed #
  • Come on sunshine! I'm trusting the weather report, going to work with shorts, T-shirt, and flip flops, and atm we have overcast! #
  • Clouds are breaking up… come on sun, don't hide from me, the flip flops and shorts will appreciate it. #