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  • @robboek I liked Inception, a lot, fantastic concept I thought. in reply to robboek #
  • PDX = rain today – Bah. #
  • How can we determine the life of others if we don't first examine the one who is Love? #
  • I think I want everything back in my control…. oh wait, oops, dang, I never had anything in my control… back to the drawing board. #
  • It's getting hot in here, and it's even hotter out there… come on Mr AC I don't wanna wait until tomorrow for you to be fixed 🙁 #
  • ppl! It's all abt ppl, relationship, connection, meaning – both in comfort & out of comfort w/ luv as the foundation, & luv as the power. #
  • Are you kidding me?? // If you're 15, the sky's the limit – Travel – News – #