Tweets for the past week

  • Not feeling "on the ball" today… I think I need to shave, I feel dirty, then maybe I'll feel alive. #
  • Ok twitterverse and Facebook land you failed to entertain me on this ride home. But my devo time was great. #
  • 35*200 = awesome #ftw #
  • Um, could totally use some motivation, right, about, now! #
  • Needs to get out of this groove. Not a new groove, I don't want any groove. #
  • Um, just heard some Guy on his cell say "I'm heading into a subway tunnel, I'm gunna lose you" #trimet MAX blue estbnd frm downtown #lie #
  • Can't wait to see Emma in her lion costume later today! Warning to co-workers, scare Emma, & Alexis pulls out her black belt tae-kwon-do! #