In practice…


Just a quickie today… so all the things I spewed out in my previous entry are all good and dandy, but don’t really mean much if I can’t put it into practice. A lot of my “stances” on things can seem to big to really make a difference, yeah they are big but we all know a lot of little things makes a big thing, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about the crazy debts we find ourselves in.

So walking life iuby values and with conviction isn’t easy nor is it particularly “nice” but whn your’e able to finally see the big picture the rewards are huge!

In the Bible, particularly from Paul the idea of running life like a race is brought to our attention. For some that may sound exhausting and to some extent it is, but only during the race, and aborted attempts. When I ran 5k races I send to always have at least one thought per race of giving up, and the times where I did I during practice never felt good, both physically and emotionally. But on race days and good practice days — it was fantastic, to know I finished and finished well!

I say all this because life takes intention and direction. And most of all we can’t take our eyes off the goal, when we do that we feel the exhaustion and become prone to fainting.

And th counter balance? Don’t burnout! Oh man, that’s another entry for another day. This MAX ride is complete.