Tweets for the past week

  • A misty Sunday. Quite alright with that. #
  • Did not sleep well, at all, not ok with this misty Monday. After work PDX__SEA tomorrow SEA>>LAX #
  • @trimet Yup, thanks, figured that out. #
  • We've been walloped! Gotta stand above it. Head out of the fog. #
  • On the plane to LAX flying the friendly skies @UnitedAirlines mobile check-in and boarding worked flawlessly! @AirlineReporter #
  • Please pray for my Grandma, who has been recovering from hip surgery & now having heart trouble & depression, Grandpa is doing ok. Thanks! #
  • I've gotta stop dragging this old skeleton around, all it does is bad. I've got to speak life into the dry bones and claim the victory! #
  • On our way back to Seattle. LA was good, motivation is high, let's keep the momentum. 🙂 #