Tweets for the past week

  • Back to "normal" life – but it's only normal if i choose it to be, so I won't choose that, I'll choose better than normal because I can. #
  • Um… I so need some motivation today, anyone? #
  • @scottodonnell It's opening at 1:30 2 the public // wld've bn nice 2 know @trimet – see @gresham_outlook article: #
  • Most interesting thing about the new MAX station open right across the street? Is how many people are actually using it! @trimet #pubtransit #
  • Well one thing about riding MAX so early iis that it runs on time and fast. #trimet #longdaytoday #
  • Holy east wind thought I was going to get blown down when I stepped off the MAX, so glad for 2 min walk from new @TriMet Civic DR station! #
  • @TriMet just saw an east bound type 4 train come and go w/o opening the doors at Civic DR #whoops #
  • Huh someone is setting off fireworks in the neighborhood just west of us. Being in Gresham's tallest building has some neat benefits. 🙂 #