Tweets for the past week

  • 32 days to Austin & 50 days to NYC! I have no idea how this all works out… It just does, don't worry be glad, let it go, troop on! #
  • Nothing like a little fresh air on a rather warm and clear PDX afternoon to clear and warm the spirit. #
  • Just in case ppl have forgotten, everyday terrible things happen 2 other ppl – thr's lives at stake ppl! – #getinvovled #socialawareness #
  • MAX operator just announced the weather forecast and a reminder to the guys that valentine's day is coming up. #awesome #trimet #brightenup #
  • I could use a nap right now… trooping on. #
  • Taking work home – maybe I won't get interrupted, and then again I probably will by 2 of the best girls on earth. 🙂 #
  • Emma loves her chocolate milk! #