Stuck in “small talk” mode.


I can’t seem to gather my thoughts recently, at least not in anything longer than 140 characters… and even that sometimes is hard. I have too many expectations and “filters” in place. There are some things I’m excited about, and then there are some things that I just don’t have control over, that I have hope about. The things I’m excited about seem “blocked” by the things I don’t have control over, which makes for a very patient existence. ¬†I also don’t like small talk, which is just about all I feel like I can actually share without causing too much trouble. ¬†However I think there are some safe topics I can share if I really put my mind to it. Some things that will help me be more me, and less in the “box” that I keep feeling. I just need to hang on to the motivation… and not be distracted by the “small talk” stuff.