My confliction

Brick Wall Pearl District
Life is like a brick wall sometimes. No parking for my thoughts.


Simply put, the reason I rarely write much these days is because I have been suffering from my own self-diagnosed “writer’s constipation.” Yes, I know, gross. However, there’s a lot going on in my life, and honestly, when I think about writing about any of it there is just so much to “dance” around that I’m afraid I’ll just bore people attempting to provide all the “necessary” details just so that I feel people are “ok” with my thoughts.

Yes, basically, I’m attempting to please people. This is so stifling… I hate it when people mis-understand, mis-read, or mis-interpret me… or jump to conclusions… and the worse is the stereo-type. So, I think I’m going to begin changing things around this little corner of the internet I call my “blog” and simply remind people, this is a conversation, and no one is right or wrong – not even me. ┬áLet’s just start there, and stop the small talk.