Tweets for the past week

  • Moving… no matter how far, just isn't my kind of fun… I seem to have fun only when it's not my stuff. #
  • Bye bye Loft #
  • @TriMet TVM #12 at west bound Civic Dr station has Windows error message on screen and east bound #11 won't let u buy single tickets…. :/ #
  • AirConD house: 1 vs Broken AC in office: 0 #
  • Talk about drama // RT @komonews: RT @GreenLakeKOMO: Police: 24 hours of sex, drugs and guns: #
  • I've now sat here for 15 min pressing a button every 5 sec. People are moving in our building and hold the elevator & I have IKEA stuff! #
  • I'm @ null #