Tweets for the past week

  • Well this is a new one… MAX operator announces he needs to leave the cab for a min to take care of some "business" at Gateway. #
  • Well my cold is mostly gone, but now I have a nasty metallic/bitter taste… makes everything taste gross except water. 🙁 #
  • Culture ride: On this rare occasion where my headphone batteries are dead, the lady sitting next to me on #MAX is on her phone, in Spanish. #
  • What's the point of thinking & talking negative? Being positive, optimistic, & encouraging has changed my life – in spite of "reality". #
  • So happy to take @ledub13 suggestion and use @zoomcare! Same day appointment to find out why I still have this cough and phlegm! #
  • @jonusjensen I didn't get no shout out for following you! #justsayin #
  • @jonusjensen touche #
  • My entire family, including me, are still in bed, I'm the only one awake, Emma climbed into our bed & fell back to sleep! #loveSundays #wow #