Tweets for the past week

  • Well, there's always a first, after four years riding MAX everyday, my train is "that train" — the broken one. #TriMet #SkimoreFountain WB. #
  • And we're rolling again after cutting the back car, #MiniMax #TriMet #
  • @maxfaqs lol – well, it was a type 1 that was cut away… so our type 2 probably got a little sportier… at least the hard stops ended! #
  • #Question Do you prefer to watch a video for 2 to 3 minutes or read a post for 2 to 3 minutes? #
  • @trimet The automated "reminders" on MAX & busses (particularly MAX though) need to tell users they must use headphones to listen to music. #
  • Did we get teleported to the southern hemisphere? #